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10 Useful Info About Maid Agency Malaysia.

Having a maid might sound like a luxury to some, but for full time workers, especially married couples with kids, it would be necessity. In many Third World countries, including Malaysia, it's quite common for middle-income households to have an in-house maid. These maids can keep the house clean, helping with household chores like cooking or doing laundry, taking care of the kids, and many others.

However, you cannot just hire a random person to work as a maid in your house. Hiring an in-house maid is something you should do with care. First of all, you have to make sure that the person is trustworthy, because you often will leave her alone in the house and probably with your kids too. Then you also need to make sure that the person is capable enough to do all the work.

Now it won't be so easy for you to find a maid with that kind of quality on your own, the best way is to hire one from a maid agency Malaysia. A maid agency will make the hiring process much simpler for you. They will do the background check to make sure the person is trustworthy, and they will also make that all the maids in their list are capable of doing all kinds of household chores.

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1. Types of Agencies

Basically there are two types of maid agencies you can find in Malaysia; a maid agency in the form of a franchise group that has a lot of branches, and there are also "boutique" private agents. As far as the quality of the maids they can provide, there is actually no big difference, you can find a trustworthy and skillful maid in either a franchise group or a private maid agency. However, in a franchise group,you have more biodata to choose, available up to 200 biodatas in a first come first serve basis.

2. Risk Level

If you have done some research about in-house maids in Malaysia, probably you've come across some horror stories about maids who stole money or committed other crimes, also about irresponsible agencies. As far as the trustworthiness of a maid, no matter how good the agency that provides the maid is, at the end of the day, no one will ever be able to give a 100% guarantee. So it's kind of hard to tell which agency can really provide a trustworthy maid.

So it's best if you make your decision based on the risk level of each maid agency Malaysia. The biggest risk with a maid agency is they take your money and not coming up with the goods or it takes very long for them to provide the maid because they keep pushing back the arrival date. In this case, an established agency that belongs to a group would be the best option, because they can give you an assurance that you will get your maid in a specified time frame, even if there's a delay, it shouldn't be too long. This won't be the case with a one-man show agent or smaller boutique agencies. You should always choose a maid agency that can offer you a legitimate guarantee in regards to the maid they provide you with.

3. Guarantee

So, what kind of guarantee you can expect from a maid agency Malaysia? There are at least 3 common warranty clauses that you should make sure they exist in the contract:

a. Another (replacement) maid with charges if your current maid runs away within the first 3 months or maid replacement request by employer within 1 month.
b. Another (replacement) maid with no charges if the maid of your choice fails her medical tests.
c. Another (replacement) maid with charges or further training with no extra charge in case your maid turns out not to perform up to par.

4. Hiring Process

The maid agency will provide you with a list of candidates that you can choose. The list will include photos and CVs of the candidates. You can choose a few of them then you can interview them via phone or Skype. When you have selected a candidate, the agency will make the offer to the candidate, and when accepted you will have to pay the initial fees. Then you will have to wait until the maid arrives from her home country, normally it will take 3 months.

5. Foreign Maid

When you're looking for an in-house maid in Malaysia, that means you will be hiring a foreign worker. That's because not a lot of Malaysians are willing to work as an in-house maid, usually you can only find Malaysian helpers that are not full-time maids. So this is another great advantage of hiring through an agency, because you don't have to deal with all the hassles regarding visa, work permit, travel arrangement and other stuff, the maid agency will take care of everything for you.

6. Maid Agency's Responsibilities

Here are some of the most important responsibilities of the maid agency that you should know:

a. Providing you with a list of maid candidates with complete info (age, marital status, experience)
b. Providing you a breakdown of costs
c. Informing you about documents required by the immigration
d. Keeping you updated on the status of your application
e. Handling the travel arrangement of the maid until she arrives
f. Making sure the maid has the necessary skills and providing necessary training
g. Advising you on follow-up procedures

7. Fees

In the past few years, the rates have been creeping up, and now prospective employers might have to pay up to RM10,000 initial fee to hire the maid, as the RM drop abruptly throughout the year, fee are predicted to be on a hike as well. The total fee would depend on the maid's country of origin plus a few other things as follow:

a. Local agency and the agency in the maid's country of origin fees
b. The first 3 months salary of the maid
c. Legal fees from the government
d. medical insurance
e. The first year's work permit and levy
f. The maid's travel and accommodation

8. Contract Period

Most maid agencies in Malaysia provide a standard 2-year contract.

9. The Maid's Country of Origin

Foreign in-house maids in Malaysia come from many different countries, including Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India. Find out about their cultural background and ask your agency about it. This will help you relate with your maid and avoid any cultural misunderstanding in the future.

10. Get References

Do your research, get recommendations from people who have hired a maid. Don't just go to one maid agency Malaysia to get your maid, find several good agencies and make comparisons. Finally, you should also trust your instinct when choosing a maid agency and a maid, sometimes it could really lead you to the right direction.